Mental Health Resources 
Lifeline is not only a phone-based crisis service. Their website also contains information and self-help tools.

Beyond Blue provides information and support for people with depression and anxiety.

Psychology Tools contains useful information and tools (e.g. self-assessment questionnaires, exercises, worksheets, etc) for clients on a range of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression,

Centre for Clinical Interventions contains useful information and tools for clients and carers on a range of mental health issues: CCI 

eMHPrac is an Australian Government website providing a range of online mental health resources including brochures, factsheets, videos, webinars, modules, and more. 

Sport Psychology Resources

What is Sport Psychology and How Can it Help? A short talk by renowned sport psychologist Martin Haggar:

The Centre for Performance Psychology is a USA Universities initiative that offers free online resources to coaches, parents, athletes, and performers:

The Association for Applied Sport Psychology is a USA site that contains some useful information for athletes on key sport psychology techniques.

The Nine Mental Skills of successful athletes. An overview of nine key mental skills successful athletes typically use. 

Here is copy of the 9 mental skills questionnaire which you can complete yourself to assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Pain Management Resources

Pain Management Network from the Agency for Clinical Innovation contains information and strategies for managing chronic pain. 

Pain Australia website contains lots of referral information, pain management links, and pain management strategies. 

 The Australian Pain Society website has lots of information, links to services in Australia, and pain management strategies. 

Pain Health is an initiative of the WA Government and the University of Western Australia. It contains information, referral services, and management strategies for a range of chronic pain conditions. 

Here is  a video of the 2018 Koadlow Lecture by Prof Lorimer Mosely on latest understanding of chronic pain and ways to manage it.