In an effort to promote affordable psychology services to the community, Dr Cathcart's tele-health fees are substantially lower than the Australian Psychological Society recommended rate. 

Our fee for a standard (50 minute) telehealth consultation is $235. 

Our fee for a standard (50 minute) on-site consultation is $350. 

Please contact us for a quote on group sessions.  


We will send you an invoice after each session for you to pay in full. Once paid, a receipt will be issued that you can use to claim your Medicare or private health insurer rebate if eligible (see How to make a Medicare rebate claim below). 


Medicare rebates are available for up to 10 sessions per calendar year, for clients referred by a General Practitioner for Focused Psychological Strategies under a Mental Health Care Plan. Please discuss with your GP and advise us if you are being referred under a Mental Health Care Plan. 

Medicare rebate amounts
The Medicare rebate for a telehealth session is $93.35. 

The Medicare rebate for an onsite session is $117.25. 

How to make a Medicare rebate claim
Medicare rebates can be claimed online, via app, by mail, or in person at a Medicare ServiceCentre: 


Private Health Insurance rebates
Private health insurers provide varying levels of rebate. Please contact your private health insurer for details on your particular level of cover. You may be required to quote Dr Cathcart's Medicare Provider number, which is 4279894B (up to 27/6/24), 4279895L (from 28/6/24).