Coaching involves assisting individuals to make positive, healthy, and sustainable changes in one or more areas of their lives, such as career, study, health, relationships, diet, exercise, personal development, finances, work-life balance. It may also involve reducing unhealthy behaviours and habits such as smoking, alcohol use, sedentary behaviours, or other behaviours that are preventing individuals from living the life they want.

 Personal and Life Coaching

Coaching may involve: 

  • Identifying core psychological processes (e.g values, attitudes, beliefs, thought patterns) that underlie present behaviour, reasons for change, and future interests 
  • Identifying areas of life that may benefit from targeted change
  • Developing realistic goals, and practical step-by-step plans achieve these goals
  • Developing skills, motivation, commitment, resources, and strategies to help stay on track in working towards your goals
  • Provide ongoing support to continue making progress 
  • And more...