How is Telehealth conducted?

We provide telehealth video consultations via Zoom, Skype, Face-Time, Messenger, or WhatsApp. We can also conduct sessions via phone call (voice only, no video) if you prefer. 

Does telehealth work as well as in-person sessions?

Yes. Telehealth has been successfully used in psychology for many years. Extensively evaluated, telehealth is as effective as face to face therapy, and may be superior in some situations. Telehealth is also more convenient, and gives clients more control over when and where they access their Psychologist. 

Is Dr Cathcart experienced with telehealth?

Yes. Stuart has been consulting via telehealth for nearly 20 years. He was involved in the early development of telehealth practices for delivering mental health services to rural and regional communities.  

Are Medicare rebates available for telehealth?

Yes. Medicare rebates for telehealth consultations are the same as those for face-to-face consultations.